Last year a lot of customers
Come visit us

Happy new year to our customers
So enjoy
A new event,
Services aimed at improving
We will open
The same as last year
Your patronage will be
Thank you.

This year, opens daily from 1/5.
1On June 9
Baccarat DAY
1December 10th
Poker tournament
1On July 11
Black Jack DAY

A lot of events!

All of the staff visit us your
I look forward very much.

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Chip earned rankings at today
# 3
Membership number 109
Winning tips 128540$

# 2
Membership number 018
Winning tips 146990$

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1213, at the poker tournament

This time the winner Poker
First come the customers!
Congratulations on victory in the first race.

Even customers participating
Your forward or participation.

ALICE0.5 years old

Amusementocasinover ALICE is.

ALICE is open, after six successful months.

Fueled by customers, you want to go good luck and thank you to all sorts of things while we intend for.

Keep doing”Casinos ALICE”Thank you.


It is the summer holidays at the end!

Amusementocasinover ALICE!

Another August end soon! ~ ~

I feel it very soon(^ ^)

And, today lined off ALICE is open!

While drinking your casino games, the.
The taste adults have become passionate about space??

Please visit when you come to Fuji.

Wait in ALICE(*^^*)

Time in ALICE,

It is located in Fuji amusementocasinover ALICE.

You would have noticed, but recently emerged corkboard on the counter!(Be! ')

Moment for all the people related to the customers and staff, ALICE wants to pay, such is the spirit(*^^*)

I'm excited excited fun appearance.

Breathtaking moments, etc.

This Cork is
One buried in a lot of pictures, visible”ALICE”The hope will become history.( *Be Eulalia ')

7, staff.

It is located in Fuji amusementocasinover ALICE(*^^*)

Today is the 7 th staff( *Be Eulalia ')

"Queen Q' is!

Chatting while the game is very nice, very kind people(^ ^)

Also coming to chat with her over the counter.

Also want to see that. If so, isn't it?(*^^*)

ALICE is 7/7 we are still looking for marriage-hunting party-goers!

Reservations we ask on the phone numbers below or our contact form.

telephone number 090 7823 9665(By Aoyagi)

6, staff.

Are we ALICE in the yoshiwara, Fuji city.

Sizzling hot and rainy today does not seem hot, isn't it?(^^;

Despite the temperature, go hard!

But the staff is(*^^*)

Blackjack main dealer "heart♡"Mr. is!

Whenever I see is enviable in the beautiful(-_-)

He is insanely strong woman Black Jack!
How about the day your luck at Black Jack of hearts?( *Be Eulalia ')

Photos of the Gion Festival day

Is located in Fuji we ALICE ^ ^

Between last Saturday and Sunday 二日 passed as the Fuji Festival Gion Festival was of the usual!

And as ALICE and ALICE's stand many customers came to our customers!

Sold out on the second day of Brazil food were sold, thanks pastel and cosine♡(T.T )

I think I could get her name to know even a little.

Then ~ ~
Festival 二日 eyes, was games and post-night Festival traffic regulation after( *Be Eulalia ')

Hawfinch is still Poker! ☆
Closing time is approached.
Customers still waited kanashimini Sayonara in the shop to customers between the static!

Between the 二日.
No doubt that in time can be a valuable experience for ALICE, I think.

And now today, is open!
When we meet you at ALICE also awaits you.(*^^*)

5, staff.

Amusementocasinover ALICE.(*^^*)

5, staff!
I will let me several times blog post today A(ACE)です。

In a game of Poker or Blackjack is A card to.

We can pull the shop, spearheading a must for ALICE
Such a thing to be is an effort every day(*^^*)

Our Baccarat offers 50 focus on the highest paid person in the US betting more than $(Squeeze)Of the right.

The aperture or get some cards turn around
Is the thrill of a lot at the Casino in the main at Baccarat!

# 1 total closest to 9 is a simple rule that win
"Aperture" is it a sense of camaraderie between the players was born, and also more fun games!

Exciting card game bakara. Feel the heat once you?